California Writers Club (CWC)

Literary Review

2019 Submissions Open Sep 1-Nov 30

The CWC is looking for your best work—fiction, poetry, memoir and essay—for publication in the 2019 California Writers Club Literary Review.

  • Submissions are open to current members of California Writers Club Only
  • Maximum length: Fiction & Nonfiction, 2500 Words; Poetry, 30 lines
  • Works will be reviewed and selected for possible publication by a panel of acquisition editors through a blind judging process.
  • You will be notified by email as to whether your piece will be included in the 2019 Literary Review shortly before publication in May/June of 2019.

Though this publication has “literary” in its title, the CWC is looking for good writing of any genre, style or topic. Romance, mystery, sci-fi and fantasy will be given the same consideration as more “serious” works. Lighter themes and humor are always welcome. The important thing is to polish your work and make it the very best you can. The only things we will reject outright are pieces that proselytize, are libelous, or contain gratuitous vulgarity.

New This Year:
The $10 fee covers ONE prose piece (not two as in previous years). For poetry, two submissions of up to 30 lines each may be made for each $10 payment. Limit of three prose pieces at $10 each, or six poems ($10 for each two poems).

For Submissions Guidelines Go To:


Launched only a few years ago, The Literary Review is on its way to establishing itself as a California Writers Club (CWC) institution — a juried collection of superior poems, stories, fiction, and nonfiction by members of the California Writers Club.

Members: We write to be read, to influence, entertain, or relate an experience. We want to be known for our ability to tell a story, convey an interlude in verse. We want that platform that we hear about at every workshop and conference we attend. Here’s your platform to reach readers and shine a light on your talent.

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