​​​​​North State Writers

  A Branch of the California Writers Club

Kathi Hiatt is a retired California State University, Chico, administrator. She has an earned degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences and is the author of two books. Kathi is also the recipient of The Butte Literacy Council's 2015 and 2016  Literacy Awards for her short stories, and has published stories in the NSW's 2017 Anthology and The 2017 California Writers Literary Review.

Kathi Hiatt, President

North State Writers (NSW)

President's Welcome

Welcome to the website of the North State Writers (NSW), a chartered branch of the California Writers Club.

    As the North State Writers goes into another exciting year, I would like to thank the members for placing their trust and confidence in me as their new President. Though my past service on the NSW Board has been as the Publicity Coordinator, I am excited for this new opportunity to take the lead and face the challenges that I know lie ahead. 

     I would also like to thank our 2016-17 President, Steve Thompson, whose tireless efforts carried the members of our organization through an exciting and fun-filled year of knowledgeable and inspirational speakers; inclusion in the Chocolate Festival’s All About Books event; participation in the Butte College WordSpring Conference; and the publishing of the NSW’s very first Anthology. We will miss Steve as a friend and colleague, and we wish him and his family the best in all of their new and life-changing endeavors.

     As the NSW embarks on yet another year, we will embrace the spirit of possibility and all that we can accomplish. We have a wonderful merger of both new and continuing (and very excited) Board members who are already brainstorming for ways to better serve and involve our aspiring writers and established authors, editors, illustrators, publishers, and agents. We look forward to the up and coming year as it will be an exciting and invigorating one, with a myriad of local and larger-scale opportunities including, but not limited to, hands-on workshops, a  2018 NSW Anthology,  the formation of writing critique groups,  community books signings, and (of course) continued involvement in the 2018 Butte College WordSpring Conference and the community's annual Chocolate Festival. There's even a wine tasting/book signing event, and a Suggestion Box to solicit member input included on the Board’s promotional agenda.

     As we continue to build on the NSW, my own vision and the goal of the NSW Board will be to help our talented members by expanding their knowledge of the written word, and harnessing their dedication to becoming accomplished and communicative writers and authors. If there is any one mission that really defines the North State Writers it is the importance of creating a nurturing, supportive environment for its members.

    We invite all writers, editors, and artists within the authorial realm to hone their skills by joining and sharing in the networking bond inspired by the members of the North State Writers. 

Warmest Regards, 

Kathi Hiatt, President
North State Writers (NSW)