Saturday​, Sep 12th  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Terry Ashe Park on the Skyway


Join us on the 3rd Monday of every month. Meetings are free & open to the public. 

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Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced the NSW to cancel its April & May meetings (the venue has been unavailable).  Additionally (and for the same reason), previously scheduled speakers have been unable to share their writing wisdom. Though we are currently unable to host meetings, we will be sending members writing tidbits on a weekly basis and, of course, the NSW Quill. In the meantime, we are encouraging members to send us your short writing pieces, jokes, recipes, and/or writing tips. Please email them to and we will forward them along for fellow NSW members to enjoy.

New In June:  The NSW will be hosting its first meeting on Zoom.  For those of you who are intimidated by this prospect, we will help. Prior to the meeting, we will send out the link to download zoom on your computer and a link to a UTube tutorial.  We will have a zoom rehearsal prior to the day of the meeting.  Please give this a try.  I am notoriously inept at computers, but even I have managed to do this.  We will send out emails prior to the dates and times of the rehearsals.

Our June speaker is ready and willing to ZOOM.  Her name is Gini Grossenbacher.  Her June 15th  talk is, How to Set up Plot Points.  The scheduled ZOOM time will be 6 P.M.

Take good care of you and yours,

Cathy Chase
NSW President

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California Writers Club

Founded in 1909 the CWC is one of the nation’s oldest professional clubs for writers.

Members of North State Writers, or any of the NorCal chapters of the California Writers Club, are invited to submit up to three short stories, poems, and/or creative non-fiction pieces for consideration for publication in the North State Writers 2020 anthology.

1. Dust off that piece that you love, but have never shared.  We all have a baby, a story that is dear to our hearts.  Let's see it.
2. Look at the three pictures below and pick one ot two to write about.


                               * * * * *

     Curious Things, A Compilation of Curiously

     Disturbing & Sometimes Horrifying Stories

3. Have you ever heard of the book, "How it feels to be attacked by a Shark"? It is a book of short stories.  The individual authors tell of some harrowing or life-changing experience.  So, if you have had a similar experience, write about it and share it with us.  You can get the book on Amazon, but it isn't necessary.

Submission deadline is August 1, 2020

NSW Hosts ALL ABOUT BOOKSat the 15th AnnualChocolate Fest...

 ALL NSW & CWC MEMBERS are invited to Sign & Sell books at the Chocolate Festival, September 12, 2020

WELCOME To North State Writers

North State Writers (NSW) is a chartered branch of the California Writers Club. The NSW is a non-profit organization bringing together professional authors, novice writers, and all others within the authorial realm in a creative and supportive atmosphere. Members share their knowledge and skills through critique groups, at general meetings and during conferences and workshops. Non-published members gain experience, encouragement, and guidance to help them become published writers. Meetings are positive, uplifting events meant to inspire and motivate all its members. 

​​North State Writers is open to all writers, editors, illustrators, publishers, & agents  regardless of their level of experience. 

  • Network with other authors, editors, agents, publishers,  illustrators
  • Acquire writing techniques to hone your craft
  • Learn how to market your work 
  • Make use of a variety of Mentoring & Educational Workshops​

Submissions Are Open To All CWC & NSW Members for North State Writers 2020 Anthology, 'For What It's Worth'