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INFORMATIVE & FUN:  The NSW's September meeting hosted Liz Tucker, who taught North State Writers 'The Heart of the Story' by exploring craft techniques that develop and infuse theme into the writer's works.


October 21st: NSW Hosts Virginia Partain, Paradise High Creative Writing Instructor and Teacher of the Year

​North State Writers Up & Coming Events

California Writers Club

Founded in 1909 the CWC is one of the nation’s oldest professional clubs for writers.

How To Color Your Writing

Learn how to use metaphors, similes, and character and setting descriptions.



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     Curious Things, A Compilation of Curiously

     Disturbing & Sometimes Horrifying Stories

Fun-Time at the 2019

NSW Member's Picnic


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WELCOME To North State Writers

North State Writers (NSW) is a chartered branch of the California Writers Club. The NSW is a non-profit organization bringing together professional authors, novice writers, and all others within the authorial realm in a creative and supportive atmosphere. Members share their knowledge and skills through critique groups, at general meetings and during conferences and workshops. Non-published members gain experience, encouragement, and guidance to help them become published writers. Meetings are positive, uplifting events meant to inspire and motivate all its members. 

​​North State Writers is open to all writers, editors, illustrators, publishers, & agents  regardless of their level of experience. 

  • Network with other authors, editors, agents, publishers,  illustrators
  • Acquire writing techniques to hone your craft
  • Learn how to market your work 
  • Make use of a variety of Mentoring & Educational Workshops​