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Feb 1-5, *F*R*E*E*  E-Books
North State Writers (NSW) is promoting its members and their E-books online. Each month, one or more E-books (written by an NSW member) will be highlighted.

During the first 5-days of each month, you may download a F*R*E*E copy of these featured E-books on

Feb 1-28, WIN Prizes

Write a short, on-line review of the featured book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and/or Good Read and you will be entered into a  Book Promo Contest drawing. Each online review you leave equals 1 entry. The more reviews you leave, the more chances you have to win prizes. A Grand Prize will be awarded for the reader with the most 2017 reviews posted (reviews must be posted during the books featured month to qualify).

Don’t have a Kindle?

  • E-books can be read on just about any electronic device.

New to leaving reviews online?

  • Click on the book title (below)
  • Scroll down & click on "WRITE A CUSTOMER REVIEW"
  • Select 1-5 stars (stars will turn gold)
  • Type a review
  • Click on "SUBMIT"

(click on book title & download a free copy Feb 1-5): 

  • Divine Beings by Dr. Cara Gubbins. One of the finest spiritual scientists exploring our world today takes us on a dramatic, inspiring, revelatory journey into the inner world of animals. (Non-fiction)
  • Odd Otis by Alan and Kathi Hiatt. An unusual tail (tale) about a special needs dog who doesn't know he's special needs. (Non-fiction short-read)
  • Jump by Cathy Chase. Jump is an adventure in a mysterious world run by dangerous minders. (Fiction)

Are you an NSW member and would like to have your book featured in our monthly Book Promotion Contest? Please contact NSW Book Promo Coordinator, Cara Gubbins, at drcaragubbins@


Present-Feb 28, 2017


The North State Writers (NSW) will be publishing a 2017 anthology and making it available for purchase on Amazon books in the early spring. An anthology is a collection of literary works (short stories, poems, songs, etc) chosen by a select group of judges.  Members of the North State Writers are invited to submit up to three of your short stories, poetry, and/or memoirs.

 The NSW Anthology is an opportunity for unpublished writers to be published and published writers to add to their resume. W
riters love to write, but it is even more rewarding to be recognized and appreciated.  


  • All submissions must be received by February 20, 2017.  No submissions will be accepted after this date.
  • Members may submit a maximum of 3-published or unpublished short stories and/or poems, and a short author's autobiography.
  • Entry fee is $10 for each story submitted.  The $10 fee is nonrefundable and pays for professional line readers who read and judge each story and poem for quality in grammar and structure.  Each entry will be read several times by non-biased readers.
  • Entries will be read anonymously.  Submit a cover page for each emailed submission with your name, email, phone number and story/poem title (s).  Each entry will be issued a number to preserve anonymity.  Do not put your name on the work itself.

Please include on the cover sheet this statement; I, (name here) own and convey the rights to publish this/these works (title/titles) to Northstate Writers for one-time publishing in their 2017 Anthology.


  • Short story 750-5000 maximum words; 12pt Times Roman, 1.5 spacing. 
  • Poetry 30 lines or fewer; 12pt Times Roman, 1.5 spacing.
  • Works that are proselytizing, libelous or gratuitous vulgarity/obscenity will not be considered.
  • Works will be accepted for entry upon receipt of payment.  Please pay at the meetings.

Please email your submissions to Cathy Chase:

2017 CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL (All About Books)

JAN 1-FEB 28, 2017


The visionary 1888 Center has launched a residency exclusively for Californians, and they’ve asked us to get the word out to our own California Writers. Surely this is right up our alley.

These are “three two-week residencies in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead where the creative environment will nurture your craft and help carry on the tradition of the California voice. Finished work will be included in 1888’s ‘The Cost of Paper’ anthology.” Submissions will consist of a CV or narrative bio, a statement of intent, and a writing sample. The submission period is January 1 through February 29. There is a $25 entry fee. Judges will select three California authors and schedule residencies from April 1 through May 15. 

All applications must be submitted through “Submittable” at (which see for further details) once the submission period opens. 

As long as you’re on, also take a look at the October 30th “The How The Why” podcast interview with our CWC president Joyce Krieg.

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