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Rod Warren, Steve Ferchaud,

Tom Watson Descrip/Illustration 

June 2019

Thatcher C. Nalley

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author, May 2016

Writing BootCamp

November 2017

Zu  Vincent

Story Building

November 2017

Kandi Maxwell

Publishing Short Stores,

Poems, & Memoirs

July 2017

Veterans Memorial Hall

554 Rio Lindo Ave, Chico, CA

Michelle Curran

Local Literacy Group

Aug 2016 

Cindy Sample

​Award Winning Author

​April 2016

Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Margie Yee-Webb

​March 2016

Past Guest Speakers/Workshops


Thatcher C. Nalley (Heidi)

#1 Bestselling Amazon Author

November 2016

Coming On...

Zu Vincent

Senior Editor, Novelist

February 2017


Debra Lucero


​Oct 2016

Commander David Bruhn

Research & Writing

January 2017

Scott Evans

'3-Ways to Intensify Your Novel Through Dialog'

 October 2017

Susan Spann

Mystery Author & Publishing Law Expert, June 2016 

LeeAnne Krusemark

Writing Irresistible Query Letters

May 2017

December 18TH, 6 p.m.

Dr. Cara Gubbins

Book Trailers

March 2017

Media Workshop for Writers

Mary Nugent & Kyra Evans

Chico Enterprise Record reporters

February 2016

Nora Profit

'Everything You Know 

About Writing is a Lie'

September 2017

Please Join Us On...

Quincy Tatum, Technology Dept Manager

Chico State University Wildcat Store

January 2016 

Jan 18TH (2018), 6 p.m.

Candy Maxwell

Writing Memoirs

Linda Champion

The Elusive Fair Tale,

August 2017

Nancy Weigman

North State Public Radio

KCHO & KFPR Host, Aug 2016

Emily Gallo & Glenn Tucker

Audio Books

April 2017