Commander David Bruhn

Research & Writing

January 2017

Jordan E. Rosenfeld

​How to Write a Page Turner

April  2019

LeeAnne Krusemark

Writing Irresistible Query Letters

May 2017

Scott Evans

'3-Ways to Intensify Your Novel Through Dialog'

 October 2017

Kandi Maxwell

Writing Memoirs

January 2018

Kandi Maxwell

Publishing Short Stores,

Poems, & Memoirs

July 2017

Nora Profit

'Everything You Know 

About Writing is a Lie'

September 2017

Susan Spann

Mystery Author & Publishing Law Expert, June 2016 

Jennifer Grainger

​Ghost Writing 

Feb 2019

Dr. Cara Gubbins

Book Trailers

March 2017

Sarah Pape

​Self Editing

March 2018

Debra Lucero


​Oct 2016

Jeanette Holden

​Interpretation: How to Get the Reader to See What You See

August 2018

Zu Vincent

​Creating Dramatic Non-fiction Narrative 

March 2019

Thatcher C Nalley

Successful Self-Publishing Workshop​

July 2018

Cathy Chase

​Speculative Writing

August 2019

Cindy Sample

​Award Winning Author

​April 2016

Heidi Nalley, Robyn Engel, Andrea Wagner

Bios, Covers, Humor

February 2018

Emily Gallo & Glenn Tucker

Audio Books

April 2017

Dawn Mattox

​Author Apps

April 2018

Teresa LeYung-Ryan

Margie Yee-Webb

​March 2016

Dan Irving

​Research Resources for Writers

October 2018

Sarah Pape

Enhancing Your Plot Through Characters

June 2018

Linda Champion

The Elusive Fair Tale,

August 2017

Zu Vincent

Senior Editor, Novelist

February 2017

Zu  Vincent

Story Building

November 2017

Writing BootCamp

November 2017

NSW Christmas Party

December 2017

Michelle Curran

Local Literacy Group

Aug 2016 

Joey Garcia

​Writing About Love & Sex

May 2019

Thatcher C. Nalley

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author, May 2016

Nancy Weigman

North State Public Radio

KCHO & KFPR Host, Aug 2016

Thatcher C. Nalley (Heidi)

#1 Bestselling Amazon Author

November 2016

Bitsy Kemper

​Beginners Guide to Childrens Books

May 2018

Quincy Tatum, Technology Dept Manager

Chico State University Wildcat Store

January 2016 


Media Workshop for Writers

Mary Nugent & Kyra Evans

Chico Enterprise Record reporters

February 2016