The Executive Committee of the CWC North State Writers are President, Vice President, Director of Membership, Secretary, and Treasurer.  All officers are responsible for setting a tone of engagement and for encouraging a harmonious and collaborative operation, both in meetings and in associated communication.

President. The President shall:

  • Preside over the CWC North State Writers general membership and board meetings, and determine the time and place for special board meetings
  • Provide vision and leadership, and encourage an open forum for ideas and discussion.
  • Create and distribute meeting agendas the week prior to the meeting date
  • With the advice of the Board, guides the business of the club, as specified in the Bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order.
  • Appoint three to seven members to serve on the Board of Directors, with the approval of the Executive Committee.
  • The President is responsible for appointing all non-elected members of the Board of Directors, Chairpersons of committees, and Members-at-Large with the approval of the officers. 
  • Serve as an authorized co-signer for checks issued to vendors and for reimbursement of expenses.
  • Serve as branch Systems Administrator of the Member Record Management System (MRMS), the system designated by the Central Board for maintaining members’ information and processing memberships.
  • Attends monthly Board and general (member) meetings.

Vice President. The Vice President shall:

  • Assume the President’s duties when the President is unable to act.
  • Be responsible for arranging guest speakers, providing the speaker’s contact information, topic, and other information to the Public Relations/Publicity Chair, Newsletter Editor.
  • Maintain contact with scheduled speakers to ensure they know the date, time, and location of the applicable meeting.
  • Act as the speaker’s host and introduce the speaker at the general membership meeting.
  • Serve as an authorized co-signer for checks issued to vendors and for reimbursement of expenses.
  • Serve as the North State Writers Central Board Rep and attend all mandatory meetings with the California Writers Club
  • Attends or appoints a member to attend NorCal Meetings
  • Locate and book venues for special events
  • Attends monthly Board and general (member) meetings.

 Director of Membership. The Director of Membership shall:

  • Collect membership dues and renewals, record them in CWC accounting system (MRMS) and forward the checks/cash to the treasurer for deposit.
  • Accept new member applications and publications for review.
  • Once publications are approved by the Review Committee for an Active Membership status, forward the new member’s dues to the treasurer for deposit, and then contact the applicant with the results and return their material (books, magazines, etc.).
  • Maintain the official membership roster and provide a monthly report to the NSW board as well as providing membership updates to the CWC Central Board.
  • Provide email addresses of the members to the Throughline editor, Publicity Chair, and website content manager.
  • Chair the Review Committee; which is a minimum of 4 people, (can be filled by board members), to review membership applicant’s published material.
  • Create sub-committees for administration of membership matters with the approval of the Board.
  • Set up welcome/sign-in table at general meetings and greet members and guests.
  • Serve as an authorized co-signer for checks issued to vendors and for reimbursement of expenses.
  • Attends monthly Board and general (member) meetings.

Secretary. The Secretary shall:

  • Take minutes or secures an alternate member to take minutes of all duly called branch Board and general (member) meetings
  • Distribute an electronic version of the minutes to Board Members at least one-week prior to the next Board meeting. 
  • Upon Board approval of the minutes, the Secretary files a paper copy in the Board Minutes binder and makes the Minute's binder available to members at the next general (member) meeting
  • Handles official correspondence as necessary.
  • Attends monthly Board and general (member) meetings.

Treasurer. The Treasurer shall:

  • Keep all accounts in good order and prepare CWC North State Writers mandated quarterly Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Expense Statement, and monthly reconciliation reports, and deliver to the Central Board quarterly and annually. 
  • Process and deposit checks and cash payments for new membership dues and membership renewals, utilizing the MRMS database system, in coordination with the Director of Membership. 
  • Deposit checks and cash payments received for donations and other branch activities.  
  • Write checks for CWC-NSW Board approved expenses; i.e. speaker honorariums, general meeting expenses, etc.        
  • Report the branch’s financial condition at monthly Board meetings.
  • Prepare an annual budget with the advice of the President and/or other branch Board members
  • Serve as an authorized co-signer for all checks issued to vendors and for reimbursement of expenses.
  • Attends monthly Board and general (member) meetings.