In March of each election year, the President, subject to Board approval, shall appoint

a minimum of three members to the Nominating Committee. In the event no members

are willing to volunteer, the President may appoint 3-members of the Board to serve.

  • The Nominating Committee appointees and the name of the Chair shall be posted in the April edition of the newsletter.
  • The nominating committee shall solicit candidates for the positions of President, Vice President, Director of Membership, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Each term of office is for two years.
  • The Nominating Committee appointees and the name of the Chair shall be posted in the April edition of the newsletter

The membership shall elect North State Writers officers every two years. Ballots may be distributed each May via email or regular United States Postal Service and made available at the May meeting. Election results shall be announced at the regular June meeting.

The North State Writers imposes no limits on the number of times a member may run for office, relying instead on the general memberships’ satisfaction with elected officers.

North State Writers members reserve the right to recall elected or appointed officers either by vote or petition to the North State Writers Executive Committee, by a simple majority.

The Nominating Committee Chair shall declare election by acclamation when only one name appears on the ballot for each of the officer positions.

Nominations and the nominee consent must be mailed or emailed to the Nominations Committee Chair and received no later than April 28th. Nominations received after this date will not be accepted.

If there is more than one nominee for an office, voting shall be by ballot.
Nominations must have the nominee’s consent.

  • The Newsletter Editor shall include the slate of nominees in the May issue of the newsletter before ballots are mailed.
  • The Nominating Committee shall announce the nominees via an email to members in May before ballots are mailed
  • The Nominating Committee shall forward to members the slate of nominees, a ballot, and election instructions via email
  • Ballots and a ballot box will also be made available to members at the May general member’s meeting.

If no candidate volunteers or accepts a nomination for any officer position (except the presidency), the incumbent President may appoint someone to fill the office until the next election.