​​​​​North State Writers

  A Branch of the California Writers Club

NSW Officers

President: Kathi Hiatt

Vice-President/Central Board Rep: Cathy Chase

Secretary: Andrea Wagner

Treasurer: Nick Hanson

Director of Membership: Ken Young

Board Members

Member at large: Gail Stone

NorCal Representative:

Event Coordinators:  Cara Gubbins, Brian Marchall

Creative Director: Rod Warren

Newsletter Editor & Digital Content: Linda Sue Forrister

Publicity Coordinator: Heidi (Thatcher) Nalley

 (L-R) Kathi Hiatt, Ken Young, Andrea Wagner, Nick Hanson, Linda Sue Forrister, Rod Warren, (front) Gail Stone, Cara Gubbins, Cathy Chase

 Brian Marshall                            Heidi (Thatcher) Nalley

North State Writers Board of Directors & Appointees